List of peer-reviewed pub­li­ca­tions from research con­ducted in Green­land by the High Arc­tic Insti­tute, The Pere­grine Fund, and the Green­land Pere­grine Fal­con Sur­vey.  Pub­li­ca­tions which include data col­lected by the High Arc­tic Insti­tute, The Pere­grine Fund, and the Green­land Pere­grine Fal­con Sur­vey and which have been pro­vided to out­side researchers have also been included.  Arti­cles marked with an * were authored or co-authored by High Arc­tic Insti­tute sci­en­tists.  For copies of below papers which are not avail­able for down­load please con­tact

*Ander­son, D.L., Burn­ham, K.K., Nielsen, O.K. & Robinson, B.W. 2017. A pho­to­graphic and mor­pho­me­t­ric guide to aging Gyr­fal­con nestlings. In Ander­son, D.L, McClure, C.J.W. and Franke, A. (eds) Applied rap­tor ecol­ogy: essen­tials from Gyr­fal­con research: 265–282. Boise, Idaho, USA: The Pere­grine Fund.

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