Below find links to a lim­ited selec­tion of online and print arti­cles (avail­able as pdf down­loads) which have high­lighted our research.  For the lat­est news, infor­ma­tion, results and pho­tos from our work in Green­land fol­low us on Facebook.


Online links:

BBC Nature — Gyr­fal­cons are ‘secret seabirds’

BBC — Earth News — 2.500-year-old bird’s nest found

The Atlantic — The Bat­tle over 2,500-Year-Old Shel­ters Made of Poop

Nunatsiaq Online — Darker-coloured crit­ters may soon gain edge over whie ones in the Arctic

The Amer­i­can Bird­ing Asso­ci­a­tion — The pelagic Gyrfalcon

Envi­ron­men­tal News Net­work — The amaz­ing lifestyle of the Gyr­fal­con 

Rap­tor Pol­i­tics — Gyr­fal­con — New research con­clude this arc­tic fal­con spends long peri­ods liv­ing and hunt­ing at sea 

Mother Nature Net­work - Life at the epi­cen­ter of cli­mate change 

Quad-City Times — Q-C area cou­ple stud­ies Arc­tic birds 

The Atlantic - Green­land: A Global Warm­ing Laboratory

Print arti­cles (will down­load as a .pdf):

Green­land Today — Birds in Thule (in Dan­ish and English)

New Sci­en­tist

Dis­cov­ery Chan­nel Magazine

Bird­ing Jan­u­ary 2010

Illus­tr­erad Veten­skap or Sci­ence Illus­trated (arti­cle in Swedish)

Que­bec Oiseaux (arti­cle in French)